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We have a wide range of products to meet your requirements be it structural, special or decorative.


  • N (Normal) Grade -  20 Mpa, 25 Mpa, 32 Mpa & 40 Mpa - Common day to day concrete used in foundation footings, house slabs, driveways, paths, tilt panels
  • S (Special) Grade – subject to Specification or performance requirements - Concrete with specific design and performance outside normal characteristics of N Grade
  • Stabilised Sands - Cement and coarse sand used in sewer works, pipe encasing, swimming pool packing.
  • Kerb Mix - Used to form gutters and drainways
  • Spray Mixes (Pools, Shotcrete)
  • No Fines - Aggregates and cement mixed and when set provides water draining material
  • Toppings - Layed over existing concrete where there is minimal depth available  

We have access to a wide range of colours and our decorative concretes can be designed to provide you with something special such as

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Coloured Concrete
  • Polished Concrete


  • Aggregates (Nominal 20mm, 10mm, 5mm Crushed or Round) - Crushed River Gravel used in concrete, decorative gardens and or drainage.Round River Gravel used in exposed concrete and decorative gardens. 
  • Coarse Sand - Washed sand used in concrete
  • Loams (Unscreened, Screened, Garden Blend) - Landscaping soil / Screened to remove lump / Garden blended with coarse sand for gardens and top dressing
  • Pit / Fill Sand - Coarse sand for fill purposed used under slabs
  • Grit / 5mm Plumbers Sand - Packing sand for around plumbing pipes etc
  • Red Brick Sand - Bricklaying sand for brick joints, red in appearance
  • White Brick Sand - Compliments  light bricks
  • Off White Brick Sand - Blend of white sand and fine plaster sand to achieve lighter colour in bricklaying
  • Concrete Mix - Blend of aggregate and sand for general concreting around homes and  fence posts
  • Roadbase - Sub-base for under roads and pavements, packs down hard
  • Plaster Sand - Screened and washed , free of stone, premium topdressing sand.
  • Rendering Sand - Used in rendering of brick walls and houses