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About Supermix

Supermix Concrete & Quarries is a long established local company, which has been supplying a wide range of concrete and quarry products to the building and construction industry in Wagga and surrounding area(s).

We take pride in being able to supply to all segments of the market such as

  • General Public
  • Home Owner / Builder
  • Home Handyperson
  • Project Home Builders
  • Light Industrial / Commercial
  • Multiple Dwelling Projects
  • Local Government Contract Works
  • Major Commercial & Government Works

Founded in 1947 as Chick Kelly Sand & Gravel the operations has grown into a fully interagrated business trading as Supermix. Built on the foundation of two major milestones being acquisition of Eunony Bridge Road quarry in 1978 and Supermix Concrete plant in 1983 the company now employs some 21 people focused on provide quality products and service.

Operating a modern fleet of delivery vehicles consisting of

  • 9 maxi concrete trucks
  • 2 mini mix trucks
  • 3 truck & dog quarry trucks
  • 1 mini quarry tipper 

provides the means to deliver our products in a timely and effcient manner to all of our customers and to all types of building projects.

Production of high quality premixed concrete, correctly mixed, is a prime goal of Supermix and utilising a modern computerised bathcing process ensures every load is consistent in quantities and mix components